Safe-Connect Thermochromic Solutions

Safely Inspect Your Electrical Assets in an Energized State

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Comprehensive Range of Products

IRISS Safe-Connect products cover diverse applications such as switchgear, cables, busbars, and general home/office use. These overtemperature indicators provide visible warnings to prevent electrical incidents or fires, ensuring safety.

Extensive Product Quantities

IRISS Safe-Connect offers a generous quantity of products, including ThermoClips, ThermoSpots, ThermoWraps, ThermoSpot-B, Thermo T-MAX temperature gauge, Thermo T, and TP70 W/R .5oz, ensuring Service Professionals have an ample supply to meet their servicing needs across multiple locations.

Memory Color Change

Offers a color-changing visual indication based on the live operating temperature.


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Simple Application

Easy and quick push-on installation means no de-energizing or disconnection is needed.

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Easy to Read

The thermochromic material provides a highlyvisible predictive warning when viewing through<br>inspection windows.

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Broad Coverage

Multiple models are available to provide for varying wire sizes 17AWG to 750MCM wires. Suitable for circuits rated 36kVAC/600VDC.

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Patented Thermochromic Technology

A color-changing visual indicator that works in tandem with the large format windows from IRISS as part of the visual inspection process.

Safe-Connect Thermochromic Solutions


Thermo Paint™ Series

Surface Temperature Monitoring Thermochromic Paint

Starting at $ 52.50


Thermo T-Max™

Self-Adhesive Max Temperature Gauge

Starting at $ 52.50



Self-Adhesive Actual Temperature Gauge

Starting at $ 52.50


Safe-Connect Sample Pack

A Full Range of Safe-Connect Products

Starting at $ 5


Safe-Connect Thermochromic Service Kit

Designed for On-The-Go Service Professional

Starting at $ 1417.00


ThermoSpot-B™ Series

Self-Adhesive Surface Temperature Monitoring Labels for Busbars and Electrical Equipment

Starting at $ 42


Thermo Wrap™ Series

Self-Adhesive Hot-Connection Cable Wraps

Starting at $ 52.50


Thermo Spot™ Series

Self-Adhesive Surface Temperature Monitoring Labels for Electrical Equipment

Starting at $ 10.50


Thermo Clip™ Series

Fixed-Wire Overtemperature Indicator Clips for Electrical Equipment

Starting at $ 7.88