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IRISS Consultation Services

Industry Experts Dedicated to Your Success

Implementing the right equipment into your processes and procedures is key to improving your performance. Free consultation services from the expert team at IRISS will give you insights to create higher levels of worker safety, asset reliability and operational efficiency. Whether it is through an in-person site walk or through our digital options, our experts can review your equipment and operations to help you focus on the specific areas of improvement. Our solutions will help streamline activities that lead to an increased Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and a lower total cost of ownership.


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Critical Asset Program Recommendations

IRISS can ensure optimal performance and risk management of essential equipment and systems.

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Training Analysis & Recommendation

IRISS can provide tailored recommendations to improve employee skills and operational procedures.

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Reliability Program Budget Analysis Proposal

Unsure of what the most cost-effective solution is for your safety and reliability initiative for your business? IRISS can help.

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On-Site, Off-Site Training for Design Engineers

Let IRISS train your staff on how an Operations-Driven Safety and Reliability program can help your business.