Sonus Series

Ultrasound Inspection Solutions

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Advanced Noise Rejection

The system detects PD in higher noise environments, reducing the possibility of false positives.

Quickly Identify Faults

The Sonus PD Pro has four operational ranges with a live Level Screen, two scatter plot screens displaying a PRPD Live, and a PRPD Persist view, which instantly shows the technician the presence of a fault condition.

Sync Your Data

Sync data locally to your PC with the included software, or sync remotely to the cloud for access across devices.

Sonus Series


PDS Series

Partial Discharge Sensor Port


Sonus PD Pro

Online PD Detection of HV Assets with Data Synchronization


Sonus PD-X

Handheld Switchgear Partial Discharge Detector


Sonus Vue Pro Software

The Powerful Sound Analysis Software