June 20, 2024

Safe Connect Named Innovative Product of the Year

IRISS receives prestigious award for Safe-Connect Thermochromic Solutions at Clontarf Castle


Dublin, Ireland – June 20, 2024 – IRISS, a global leader in electrical maintenance safety devices, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious “Innovative Product of the Year” award for its Safe-Connect Thermochromic Solutions at the annual Electrical Awards, hosted by Ireland’s Electrical Magazine. The ceremony took place at the historic Clontarf Castle in Dublin, celebrating excellence and innovation within the electrical industry.

The Electrical Awards, known for recognizing outstanding contributions and advancements in the electrical sector, selected IRISS for its groundbreaking Safe-Connect Thermochromic Solutions. This innovative product range leverages thermochromic technology to enhance safety in electrical maintenance by providing real-time, visual indicators of temperature changes in electrical connections, helping to prevent overheating and potential failures.

“We are honored to receive this esteemed award,” said Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS. “Our team is dedicated to advancing safety in electrical maintenance, and this recognition underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence. The Safe-Connect Thermochromic Solutions represent a significant leap forward in ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems worldwide.”

The Safe-Connect Thermochromic Solutions have been widely adopted by industries seeking to improve operational safety and reduce the risk of electrical failures. By offering an intuitive and immediate visual indication of potential thermal issues, these solutions enable maintenance professionals to address problems before they escalate, thereby enhancing overall safety and efficiency.

The award ceremony at Clontarf Castle was a night to remember, with industry leaders, innovators, and professionals gathered to celebrate the year’s achievements. IRISS stood out for its dedication to advancing electrical safety through cutting-edge technology and its impact on the industry.

IRISS continues to lead the way in electrical safety solutions, and this award further solidifies its position as an innovator in the field. The company looks forward to continuing its mission of providing advanced, reliable, and safe electrical maintenance solutions to its customers worldwide.

For more information about IRISS and its award-winning Safe-Connect Thermochromic Solutions, please visit https://iriss.com/safe-connect-thermochromic-solutions/.

About IRISS IRISS is a global leader in electrical maintenance safety devices, specializing in innovative solutions that enhance safety and efficiency in electrical systems. With a commitment to quality and excellence, IRISS provides advanced products and services that help customers worldwide maintain the highest standards of electrical safety.