Enterprise Asset Management

How does the E Sentry Asset Management Solution benefit your organization?

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Cost Reduction and Financial Optimization

Accurate, efficient System to manage work orders in real-time

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Improved Regulatory Compliance and Safety

Provides audit trails, ensures regulatory compliance and Integrates safety workflows.

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Enhanced Security & Verification

NFC Technology provides an additional layer of security and verification for work order access and completion.

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Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Work orders and full asset life-cycle information at your fingertips optimizing productivity and efficiency.

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Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile-first App for ease and operations to maintenance personnel.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Provides trustworthy asset and workflow data for intelligent asset operations and data-driven decisions.

E Sentry Asset Management Solution

✓ Real-Time Route Completion Monitoring

✓ Send and Receive Inspection Notifications

✓ Advanced User Management Tools

✓ Trigger and Record Intelligent Alarms

✓ Robust Reporting and Data Integration

✓ Comprehensive Trend Analysis

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Asset Management

Transform how you manage assets with your central command center. Quickly locate assets within a structured hierarchy designed to streamline operations and maximize asset longevity.

Streamlined Work Orders

Say farewell to paper clutter and welcome streamlined, user-friendly work orders. Enjoy an intuitive drag-and-drop preventive maintenance calendar and experience the convenience of automated work orders generated from asset data.


Experience simple, intuitive dashboards and analytics that make it easy for anyone to understand—no data analyst required.

Flexible pricing plans for companies of all sizes

The E Sentry Asset Management Solution is specifically designed for your industry’s unique needs.

The E Sentry is tailored for your industry’s needs, is set to help organizations struggling with manual inefficiencies. It offers advanced features that are poised to transform asset management into a competitive advantage for diverse companies worldwide.