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Electricity is essential for the operation and success of commercial buildings. Ease of Retrofit installation is equally important to green field construction, and IRISS offers energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions applicable to both scenarios. Electrical safety compliance for commercial electrical workers is a maze of regulations and challenges. The IRISS family of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSDs) includes industrial-grade infrared (IR) windows that are capable of meeting OSHA’s and NFPA’s standards for arc flash safety. All IRISS IR windows are compatible with all brands of thermal imaging cameras commonly used in the commercial sector to identify electrical and mechanical faults.


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High-Rise Residential & Office Buildings

As our cities’ populations grow, we increasingly rely on high-density residential and office space development. These buildings have complex electrical infrastructure to support our ever-growing power needs in the internet age. At a minimum, annual infrared inspections should be performed on the distribution equipment, which can be done much safer and faster using EMSDs.

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Big Box Retail

Home Improvement, Furniture and Appliance retailers, Department and Grocery stores have all implemented IRISS EMSD solutions. Our custom replacement panel solutions can make maintenance inspections faster and safer on panelboards and packaged substations.

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Distribution Centers

Warehouses and Distribution Centers keep the goods that make up our economy flowing. Environmental conditions must be maintained to ensure perishable products do not spoil, and a short power problem could be disastrous.

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3PL and courier package sorting facilities are highly automated and rely on a robust electrical infrastructure. Regular CBM using EMSD is an excellent way to enhance system reliability.