Thermo Clip™ Series

Fixed-Wire Overtemperature Indicator Clips for Electrical Equipment

  • Integration with Large Format Windows
  • Overtemperature Indicators
  • Memory-Effect Feature
  • Patented Thermochromic Technology


General Specifications
Specifications17-12 AWG Wire Range10-6 AWG Wire Range4-2/0 AWG Wire Range3/0-350 MCM Wire Range400-750 MCM Wire Range
Specifications2.3-4.2 mm OD4.8-7.1 mm OD8-13.6 mm OD13.8-23 mm OD23-31 mm OD
Physical Properties
Base Materials5-10% Thermochromic Plastic. 90-95% Polypropylene, flame retardant to UL94V0 self-extinguishing rating, nonhalogenated.
Initial Color Change Temperature53°C / 127˚F
Permanent Color Change Temperature70˚C / 158˚F
Tolerance+/- 1°C
Response Time5 to 20 Seconds
Recommended StorageStore at room temperature & humidity (i.e. 16 to 27˚C/60 to 80˚F & 40 to 60% RH)
Product LifespanReplace overtemperature connection indicators within a maximum lifespan interval of 5 years.
Dielectric Strength44Kv Per mm
Wire Insulation Rating36kVAC/600VDC