Infrared Inspection Solutions

Safely Inspect Your Electrical Assets in an Energized State

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Thermal Performance Monitoring

Employs thermal imaging to detect and visualize temperature variations in equipment and structures, identifying hot spots, insulation failures, or electrical issues that could lead to safety hazards or operational inefficiencies.

Preventive Maintenance Tool

IR viewing windows and handheld thermal cameras facilitate early detection of potential problems by revealing areas of excess heat caused by friction, electrical resistance, or blockages, allowing for timely maintenance actions before costly breakdowns occur.

Non-Contact and Non-Invasive

Allows for the inspection of machinery and infrastructure without direct contact, minimizing the risk to inspectors and avoiding disruption to ongoing operations, ensuring continuous productivity.


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Enhanced Visibility

Offers clear visibility into critical electrical components without the need to open enclosures, maintaining safety standards.

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Easy Integration

Can be easily integrated into existing electrical maintenance routines, complementing other safety and maintenance practices.

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Technology Utilization

Utilizes advanced IR inspection technology to detect issues that are not visible to the naked eye, such as overheating components.

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Long-Term Reliability

Provides a reliable solution for continuous monitoring of electrical systems, contributing to the longevity and reliability of electrical assets.

Infrared Inspection Solutions



It’s Time Your Infrared Window Fitted Your Needs and Applications

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FlexIR-Clear Series

A Clear Solution to an Everyday Problem

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Bigger Touch Screen Camera with Optical and Thermal Images

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A Device for Both Thermography and Video Recording

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Handheld Camera with both Optical and Thermal Images

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Handheld Camera with Thermal Imaging Capabilities

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VP-12-IR Series

Because Sometimes a Smaller Infrared Window Is All You Need

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VPFC Series

Crystal Infrared Windows

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VPT Series

First and Only Round Transparent Polymer IR Window

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The Toughest and Most Reliable Infrared Window in The World

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CAP-ENV Series

The Toughest and Most Reliable Infrared Window in The World

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CAP-CT Series

No Other Infrared Window is as Versatile as the CAP-CT

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