VP Series

First & Only Round Transparent Polymer IR Window

Introducing the VP Series: Elevate Your Asset Monitoring to the Next Level! The VPDS Ultrasound Sensor offers the safest and most effective ultrasound inspection for energized electrical assets, featuring an in-panel transducer for enhanced safety and effectiveness. The VPT Series revolutionizes IR windows with our exclusive Poly-View System™, compatible with any thermography camera for seamless monitoring. VP-12-US standardizes acoustic data collection, ensuring consistent, high-quality results irrespective of technician experience or enclosure rating. Choose the VP Series for unparalleled safety, consistency, and adaptability in your condition-based monitoring programs.

Arc Safety Tested

Successfully tested to the IEC 62271-200 standard for arc containment on metal-enclosed switchgear assemblies to help protect workers from injury/fatality.

Patented Design

Our exclusive polymer technology is unaffected by environmental stresses and enables visual, IR and UV inspections across the entire infrared spectrum.

UL Listed

Having passed rigorous standards and testing, our inspection windows are UL Listed (E491496). This demonstrates our dedication to continued safety and security.

VP Series


VP-12-IR Series

Because Sometimes a Smaller Infrared Window Is All You Need


VP-12-US Series

Versatile Port For Ultrasound Inspections


VPDS Series

Environmental Partial Discharge Sensor Port


VPFC Series

Crystal Infrared Windows


VPT Series

First and Only Round Transparent Polymer IR Window