Critical Infrastructure

The power generation industry, including coal, natural gas, hydro, solar, wind and nuclear, has the some of the most vigorous electrical preventative maintenance requirements in the electrical maintenance industry. Certain critical systems, such as isophase and segmented busbar systems leave power generation industry extremely vulnerable due to inaccessibility issues. These systems are the only critical components that usually have no design redundancy. The internal components of isophase busbar systems are impossible to inspect under load because they do not have covers over each joint that can be easily removed. Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSDs) such as FlexIR range of product lines are extremely useful in helping asset owners identify issues before outages, allowing for more efficient outage planning and prioritization of needed repairs.

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Fossil Fuel & Nuclear

Safety and reliability concerns in fossil fuel and nuclear generation facilities drive the need for regular condition based maintenance inspections of the electrical infrastructure. EMSD’s can facilitate both faster and safer IR and Ultrasound inspections.

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Renewable (Solar & Wind)

Larger power inverters and step-up transformers used in Utility Scale renewable power plants should be Infrared (IR) inspected for thermal issues at least on a quarterly basis. These critical assets are both costly to repair or replace but also may have significant lead times leading to large energy harvest losses if they fail.

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Hydro Electric

The Medium Voltage switchgear in hydroelectric generation plants is critical to ensuring electricity generated can be safely and consistently transmitted onto the grid. Reliability of these assets can be increased through regular Infrared (IR) and Ultrasound inspections.

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Power Distribution

Distribution Utilities operate significant unmanned Medium Voltage assets at remote sites that can benefit from regular CBM inspections. Due to the high fault current levels at these sites, EMSDs can ensure risks to personnel are minimized.