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Ultrasound Inspection Solutions

Ultrasound inspection using sound ports and handheld testing devices plays a critical role when used in asset inspection and management programs.  Anomalies in equipment or components of equipment may create ultrasound waves that, when detected, could alert the maintenance team that a component or machine needs to be further assessed for deterioration.  The goal is to find the anomaly and determine the health of the equipment and fix it if needed before that equipment fails.  Condition Based Maintenance programs allow companies to proactively detect and fix defects before costly repairs or full replacements are needed.

Ultrasound Inspection Applications:  
  1. Electrical Inspections (examples – detection of Partial Discharge, etc.)
  2. Air-Leak Inspections (example – compressed air)
  3. Compressor Testing (example – air ingress in and around the compressor)
  4. Heat Exchangers, Condensers and Chillers
  5. Valves (example – inside a piping system)
  6. Steam Traps (example – defective trap, stuck traps)
  7. Hydraulic Systems (example – leaks in valves, rams or pumps within the system)
  8. Mechanical Inspections (example – bearings that on their way to premature failure)

Sonus Series

Sonus XT

The Compact Ultrasonic Testing Device for Preventive Maintenance

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Sonus PD Alert

Permanent Partial Discharge Monitoring for Switchgear

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Sonus PD Pro

On-line PD Detection of HV Assets with Data Synchronization

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Sonus PD-X

Handheld Switchgear Partial Discharge Detector

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Sonus Vue Pro Software

The Powerful Sound Analysis Software

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CAP Series


The Toughest and Most Reliable IR, Ultrasound & Partial Discharge Inspection Window

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The Most Versatile & Reliable IR, Ultrasound & Partial Discharge Inspection Window

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The Toughest and Most Reliable Infrared and Ultrasound Window

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A Multi-Technology Approach to Energized Electrical Inspections

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VP Series


Versatile Port For Ultrasound Inspections

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Environmental Partial Discharge Sensor Port

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Partial Discharge Sensor Port

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