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Marine, Maritime and Offshore

Electrical safety compliance for marine, maritime & offshore workers is a maze of regulations. In 2006, OSHA’s Shipyard Employment clarified the importance of electrical safety for Maritime workers. This industry is also characterized by temperature extremes, high humidity, continuous vibration and high-duty cycles. The IRISS family of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSDs) includes the DNV, Lloyds & ABS certified, industrial-grade infrared (IR) windows that are capable of meeting OSHA’s, SOLAS’ (Safety of Life at Sea) and NFPA’s standards for arc flash safety. All IRISS IR windows like the CAP series are compatible with all brands of thermal imaging cameras commonly used in marine, maritime, and offshore environments to identify electrical and mechanical faults.</p><div class=” row”=””></a>


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Offshore Platforms

Safety is paramount on Oil & Gas platforms, as a small problem can put the lives of hundreds of personnel at risk. Regular inspections of electrical assets for early signs of potential failure are crucial, and EMSDs are an excellent way to facilitate fast and safe inspections.

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Commercial Marine & Naval Vessel

Marine vessels have largely migrated to the use of electric propulsion systems, while Naval vessels both use electric propulsion and modern weapons systems that rely upon the onboard electric grid. Performing regular inspections of the electrical infrastructure is critical to ensure seamless operation of the modern fleet.

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Ports and Cranes

Shore-based cranes are now primarily electrically powered and keep our global system of trade churning and slip utilization in many ports at capacity. A crane outage can cost thousands of dollars per hour and create backlogs of ships waiting to be offloaded. Regular inspections of the crane’s Medium Voltage electrical systems are critical but can only be done safely when EMSDs have been implemented.

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Ship to Shore Power

Ship to Shore power is often provided by mobile skid-mounted switchgear that should be inspected each time it is moved and a temporary power connection to a ship is made. EMSDs facilitate performing these inspections in a safe and efficient manner.