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Processing and Manufacturing

Processing plants and manufacturing facilities suffer significant financial losses due to the failure of critical electrical assets, even from brief downtimes. Predictive and preventive maintenance tools are crucial for real-time asset monitoring to avoid such losses. Compliance with electrical safety standards is also essential. These industries often face extreme temperatures, humidity, continuous vibration, and high-duty cycles. IRISS’s Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSDs) include infrared (IR) windows, adhering to OSHA and NFPA standards for arc flash safety. These IR windows are compatible with all major thermal imaging cameras used in these facilities for fault detection.


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Metals Manufacturing

With forging, stamping, forming, and machining operations, the Metals manufacturing sector is characterized by harsh environmental conditions that IRISS EMSD products were specifically developed to withstand.

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Plastic Manufacturing

Electrical equipment outages in plastics manufacturing can be both costly in terms of production loss and clean-up. It can take hours to restart a plastic line after a power glitch.

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Even a brief power outage in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment could result in huge amounts of product and raw material, for safety reasons, having to be discarded. Reliability of the electrical infrastructure in pharmaceutical manufacturing is critical.

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Food and Beverage

IRISS EMSD products have been extensively deployed in food and beverage manufacturing environments. End users in this segment have been able to overhaul their thinking on how to perform condition-based maintenance by using EMSD and Critical Asset Surveillance Technologies.