Safe-Connect Sample Pack


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Our new Safe-Connect Sample Pack has been designed for the on-the-go Sales Professional where portability and functionality is of the utmost importance helping you deliver on the WHY IRISS. Included in the kit are the full range of IRISS Safe-Connect product line. From switchgear and cables to busbars and general home/office use, these overtemperature indicators provide visible warning before an electrical incident or fire occur. Includes:

  • Five(5) ThermoClips (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5)
  • Five(5) ThermoSpots (TS52)
  • One(1) 70 Deg ThermoWrap (TW70)
  • One(1) 90 Deg ThermoWrap (TW90)
  • One(1) ThermoSpot-B (TSBB)

Simple Application

Easy and quick push-on installation means no de-energizing or disconnection is needed.

Easy to Read

The thermochromic material provides a highly-visible predictive warning when viewing through inspection windows

Broad Coverage

Multiple models available to provide for varying wire sizes 17AWG to 750MCM wires. Suitable for circuits rated 36kVAC/600VDC .

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