Safe-Connect Thermochromic Solutions

Thermochromic Solutions for 24/7 Monitoring

Introducing the Safe-Connect Series, your comprehensive solution for electrical asset management that prioritizes safety and precision. Our ThermoClips feature patented thermochromic technology, offering overtemperature indicators that integrate seamlessly with IRISS's large format windows for reliable pre and post-inspection checks. ThermoSpot and ThermoSpot B provide self-adhesive, surface temperature monitoring labels for a range of electrical assets, while ThermoWraps are designed for hot-connection cables, delivering immediate visual temperature indications. For real-time and peak temperature monitoring, Thermo-TA and Thermo T-Max employ color-changing mechanisms, operating in 5-degree intervals for unparalleled accuracy. Choose the Safe-Connect Series for a non-technical approach to safe and precise asset management.

Elevated Temperature Indication

Provides 24/7 monitoring and visual indication to the naked eye of elevated temperatures.

Protection for Business Operations

Ideal use as part of regular electrical inspections for safety and reliability.

Memory Color Change

Offers a color-changing visual indication based on the live operating temperature.

Safe-Connect Thermochromic Solutions


Safe-Connect Sample Pack

A Full Range of Safe-Connect Products


Safe-Connect Thermochromic Service Kit

Designed for On-The-Go Service Professional


Thermo Clip™ Series

Fixed-Wire Overtemperature Indicator Clips for Electrical Equipment


Thermo Spot™ Series

Self-Adhesive Surface Temperature Monitoring Labels for Electrical Equipment


Thermo T-Max™

Self-Adhesive Max Temperature Gauge


Thermo Wrap™ Series

Self-Adhesive Hot-Connection Cable Wraps



Self-Adhesive Actual Temperature Gauge


ThermoSpot-B™ Series

Self-Adhesive Surface Temperature Monitoring Labels for Busbars and Electrical Equipment