Safe-Connect Thermochromic Service Kit

Designed for On-The-Go Service Professional

Our new Safe-Connect Service Kit has been designed for the on-the-go Service Professional, where portability and functionality are of the utmost importance, helping you deliver to multiple sites without having to replenish your product stock. Included in the kit is the full range of IRISS Safe-Connect product line. From switchgear and cables to busbars and general home/office use, these overtemperature indicators provide a visible warning before an electrical incident or fire occurs. Safe-Connect Thermochromic Service Kit Includes: • ThermoClips (1000 H1, 500 H2, 100 H3, 50 H4, 25 H5) • 20 ThermoSpots (TS52) • 20 ThermoWrap 70 Deg (TW70) • 20 ThermoWrap 90 Deg (TW90) • 20 ThermoSpot-B (TSBB) • 20 Thermo T-MAX • 20 Thermo T • 1 TP70 W/R .5oz

Simple Application

Easy and quick push-on installation means no de-energizing or disconnection is needed.

Easy to Read

The thermochromic material provides a highly-visible predictive warning when viewing through inspection windows

Broad Coverage

Multiple models available to provide for varying wire sizes 17AWG to 750MCM wires. Suitable for circuits rated 36kVAC/600VDC .


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Extensive Product Quantities

The Service Kit offers a generous quantity of products, including ThermoClips, ThermoSpots, ThermoWraps, ThermoSpot-B, Thermo T-MAX, Thermo T, and TP70 W/R .5oz, ensuring Service Professionals have an ample supply to meet their servicing needs across multiple locations.

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Portability and Functionality

The Safe-Connect Service Kit is designed for on-the-go Service Professionals, prioritizing portability and functionality. It enables professionals to deliver services to multiple sites without the need for frequent product restocking.

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Comprehensive Range of Products

The kit includes the full range of IRISS Safe-Connect products, covering diverse applications such as switchgear, cables, busbars, and general home/office use. These overtemperature indicators provide visible warnings to prevent electrical incidents or fires, ensuring safety.

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Efficient Product Management

By providing a comprehensive selection and ample quantities of products in the Service Kit, Service Professionals can efficiently manage their resources and avoid frequent product replenishment, enhancing their overall productivity during service operations.


General Specifications
Specifications17-12 AWG Wire Range10-6 AWG Wire Range4-2/0 AWG Wire Range3/0-350 MCM Wire Range400-750 MCM Wire Range
Specifications2.3-4.2 mm OD4.8-7.1 mm OD8-13.6 mm OD13.8-23 mm OD23-31 mm OD
Physical Properties
Base Materials5-10% Thermochromic Plastic. 90-95% Polypropylene, flame retardant to UL94V0 self-extinguishing rating, nonhalogenated.
Initial Color Change Temperature53°C / 127˚F
Permanent Color Change Temperature70˚C / 158˚F
Tolerance+/- 1°C
Response Time5 to 20 Seconds
Recommended StorageStore at room temperature & humidity (i.e. 16 to 27˚C/60 to 80˚F & 40 to 60% RH)
Product LifespanReplace overtemperature connection indicators within a maximum lifespan interval of 5 years.
Dielectric Strength44Kv Per mm
Wire Insulation Rating36kVAC/600VDC

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