September 28, 2021

IRISS Partners with Safe-Connect to Bring the Next Level in Infrared Inspection

IRISS, the world leader in electrical maintenance safety devices and reliability technologies, announces a strategic partnership with Safe-Connect.


September 28, 2021Lakewood Ranch, Florida – IRISS, the world leader in electrical maintenance safety devices and reliability technologies, announces a strategic partnership with Safe-Connect, a UK-based manufacturer of patented Thermochromic products for use in electrical infrastructure reliability. This partnership will provide customers with an innovative overtemperature indicator solution known as “Thermo Clips,” complementing the visual inspection component of wide-view windows from IRISS.

IRISS will leverage the Thermo Clip products to complement their IR windows as an easy visual indicator between IR inspection, giving customers additional peace of mind by mitigating the risk of costly operational interruptions. The patented memory-effect technology provides a permanent record of overtemperature excursions in intermittently loaded systems.

With advanced technology playing a significant role in safety and accuracy for asset inspection and management, industries know the move to a broader and more efficient system must be adopted. This alliance expands the opportunity for practitioners worldwide by combining the inspection window solutions from IRISS that allow for a safer, closed-panel inspection process, as well as the superior quality of the Thermochromic indicating technology from Safe-Connect.

“We are thrilled to partner with IRISS and provide a new technology that supports the IRISS Ecosystem of safety and reliability. The partnership of IRISS’s cutting-edge, high-visibility inspection windows with Safe Connect overtemperature indicators is truly a combination that provides a high value to end-users by taking advantage of both technologies”, said Gary Hudson, Managing Director of Safe Connect UK.

“We are excited about partnering with Safe-Connect. Their affordable, high-quality products are a welcome addition to IRISS’s global distribution model of electrical maintenance safety devices and reliability technologies. Our staff and network of distributors look forward to working with their highly experienced team”, said Martin Robinson, Founder & CEO of IRISS.

For companies that want to protect their workers and assets, this announcement brings access to cost-effective strategies and operational solutions. Contact the experts at IRISS for more product information or a free consultation on your electrical maintenance program.


IRISS is the global leader in electrical asset management solutions for safety and reliability. Through the “IRISS Ecosystem” of monitoring, inspection, and management technologies, companies see a higher level of cost-effective operations, productivity, and a safer work environment. For more information, visit us at

About Safe-Connect

Safe Connect is a UK-based manufacturer of Thermochromic indicator products for use in providing reliability and fire safety for critical electrical infrastructure. Safe Connect is a pioneer in memory-effect thermochromics for the electrical systems market, bringing a new level of information in predictive reliability. The technology also provides monitoring of intermittent loads as well as a diagnosis tool improving MTTR and MTBF. Safe Connect designs and manufactures in the UK, producing both standard and custom proprietary products. Visit us at