ThermoSpot-B™ Series

Self-Adhesive Surface Temperature Monitoring Labels for Busbars and Electrical Equipment

The ThermoSpot-B™ series are self-adhesive, surface temperature monitoring labels for use on busbars and other electrical equipment. Using a patented thermochromic technology, these easily installed labels provide a permanent color-changing visual indicator of electrical overload or deterioration. This pre-emptive fault indication provides an early warning through visual indication before any type of failure or fire occurs.

Elevated Temperature Indication

Provides 24/7 monitoring and visual indication to the naked eye of elevated temperatures

Protection for Business Operations

Ideal use as part of regular electrical inspections for safety and reliability

Quick & Easy to Install

Simply adhere to the outside of a busbar or other electrical equipment with direct visibility


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Self-Adhesive Design

The ThermoSpot-B™ series features a self-adhesive design, allowing easy installation on busbars and electrical equipment without the need for additional adhesives or mounting materials.

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Patented Thermochromic Technology

These labels incorporate patented thermochromic technology, enabling them to change colors in response to temperature variations. This technology ensures a reliable and permanent visual indicator of electrical overload or deterioration.

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Pre-Emptive Fault Indication

ThermoSpot-B™ labels offer pre-emptive fault indication by visually changing colors before any potential failure or fire occurs. This early warning system enhances safety by providing ample time for corrective actions to be taken.

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Permanent Color-Changing Visual Indicator

These labels provide a permanent color-changing visual indicator of electrical issues, ensuring continuous monitoring and making it easy to spot problems without the need for complex monitoring equipment or instruments.


Physical Properties
Adhesive TypeAcrylic
Covering FilmPolyester
Response Time2 to 5 seconds
Color Change MaterialNon-toxic, white crystalline solid on a red absorbent backing, adhered with acrylic adhesive
Activation Temperature52˚C / 126˚F
Tolerance-/+ 1 ˚C
Recommended StorageStore at room temperature & humidity (i.e. 16 to 27˚C/60 to 80˚F & 40 to 60% RH)
Service Life3 years (if installed as per datasheet guidance)
Dimensions100 mm x 45 mm ( 3.94 “ x 1.77 ”)
*Installation: Peel the ThermoSpot-BTM label from the backing paper. Apply to a dust & grease free surface. Apply onto external surfaces of busbar. Ensure that the labels are applied to a surface that will be visible when in use. Endeavour to not touch, scratch or damage the surface of the label. The Indicator spot will change color from pink to red if the surface temperature reaches 52˚C setpoint. If a label turns Red (alert temperature) switch off appliance and seek advice from a competent electrician. For indoor use only.
*Caution: These labels are designed for use only on external surfaces of busbars and general electrical equipment.
LIMITATIONS: • These labels are not suitable for unprotected use outdoors or in direct sunlight. They are vulnerable to degradation and non-performance from prolonged exposure to ultra-violet (UV) light or high Relative Humidity. • These labels will not prevent electrical faults or fires but will aid in monitoring abnormal temperatures and will give visual indication of potential electrical faults and fire risks. • These labels do not replace the need to formally install, test, inspect and maintain electrical installations as per the Electricity at Work Act, the Electrical Installation Wiring Regulations and Manufacturer’s Instructions. • This information is provided solely for consideration, investigation and verification by the user. ThermoSpot-B are made to the highest standard however they are not suitable for all environmental applications. The customer must ensure that they are suitable for use in their application.

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