Self-Adhesive Actual Temperature Gauge

Thermo-TA™ is a liquid crystal thermal indicator that displays live temperature readings on equipment through a color-changing mechanism. The indicator shifts from black to red in response to temperature changes, providing real-time monitoring. It operates in 5-degree intervals, enabling users to quickly assess temperature fluctuations. The highly visible color change ensures easy observation even from a distance and under varying lighting conditions. The Thermo-TA™ non-digital design simplifies asset health monitoring, making it user-friendly and cost-effective. The indicator’s simplicity and clarity reduce the risk of unnoticed temperature variations, enhancing equipment performance. Thermo-TA proves to be a reliable and economical solution for temperature monitoring, suitable for various industries and applications.

Quick & Easy to Install

Thermo-TA is fast, easy, and inexpensive to install.

Memory Color Change

Offers a color-changing visual indication based on the live operating temperature.

Elevated Temperature Indication

Allows you to monitor, review, and analyze temperature trends.


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Liquid Crystal Thermal Indicator

Thermo-TA™ features a liquid crystal thermal indicator that displays real-time temperature readings on equipment using a color-changing mechanism, shifting from black to red as temperatures change.

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Real-Time Monitoring

The indicator provides live temperature monitoring by displaying color changes in response to temperature fluctuations, ensuring that users can immediately assess the current equipment temperature.

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5-Degree Intervals

Thermo-TA™ operates in 5-degree intervals, allowing users to easily and quickly assess temperature changes, promoting efficient temperature monitoring.

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Highly Visible Color Change

The indicator's highly visible color change, from black to red, ensures easy observation even from a distance and under various lighting conditions, enhancing its usability and effectiveness for temperature monitoring across different environments.


Physical Properties
Adhesive TypeAcrylic
Covering FilmPolyester
Response Time2 to 5 seconds
Color Change MaterialNon-toxic, white crystalline solid on a black absorbent backing, adhered with acrylic adhesive
Activation Temperature50˚C / 122˚F
Tolerance-/+ 1 ˚C
Recommended StorageStore at room temperature & humidity (i.e. 16 to 27˚C/60 to 80˚F & 40 to 60% RH)
Service Life5 years (if installed as per datasheet guidance)
Dimensions55.5mm x 21.3mm (2.2” x .84”)
*Installation: Peel the Thermo-TA™ temperature-indicating label from the backing paper. Apply to a dust & grease free surface. If applying to a cable, preferably wrap the self-adhesive label around the cable and back on top of itself. For indoor use only.
*Caution: These labels are designed to be use on electrical equipment and as such electrical safety must be assessed by a competent electrician prior to their application.
LIMITATIONS: • These labels are not suitable for unprotected use outdoors or in direct sunlight. They are vulnerable to degradation and non-performance from prolonged exposure to ultra-violet (UV) light or high Relative Humidity. • These labels will not prevent electrical faults or fires but will aid in monitoring abnormal temperatures and will give visual indication of potential electrical faults and fire risks. • These labels do not replace the need to formally install, test, inspect and maintain electrical installations as per the Electricity at Work Act, Electrical Installations Wiring Regulations and Manufacturer’s Instructions. • This information is provided solely for consideration, investigation and verification by the user. ThermoWrap™ products are made to the highest standard however they are not suitable for all environmental applications. The customer must ensure that they are suitable for use in their application.

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