Thermo Paint™ Series

Surface Temperature Monitoring Thermochromic Paint

The Thermo Paint™ Series, a vital component of the Safe-Connect collection, introduces a liquid thermal indicator for safeguarding electrical and mechanical assets. Leveraging the cutting-edge Thermo-Lock Technology, Thermo Paint™ undergoes a color change at a specific temperature threshold (typically set at 70°C 150°F), offering an added layer of security through quick visual checks. This feature empowers operators to promptly identify dangerous temperature increases without relying on complex equipment. Furthermore, this non-conductive paint’s integrated temperature lock technology provides an immediate warning signal for temperature irregularities, streamlining the process for urgent service or work order actions.

Simple Application

Easy and quick paint-on installation, simply paint the outside of your electrical and mechanical asset with direct visibility.

Memory Color Change

Gives a clear visual reading for maximum temperatures reached during equipment operation.

Elevated Temperature Indication

Provides 24/7 monitoring and visual indication of elevated temperatures.


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Easy to Read

The thermochromic paint provides a highly visible predictive warning when viewing through IR inspection windows.

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Passive Design

Temperature-responsive color changes as a passive visual alert system for hazard detection and prevention.

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Cost-Effective Solution

Minimum investment for an increased and noticeable improvement to your Operations Safety and Reliability Program.

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Thermo-Lock Technology

Our patented thermochromic technology enables our indicators to change and lock color to signal elevated temperatures.


General Specifications
Container Size0.5 fl oz1 fl oz1 fl oz16 fl oz176 fl oz
Container TypeBottleBrush BottleSqueeze BottleBottleJug
Base MaterialsSilicone free water based acrylic with organic pigments
Permanent Color Change TemperatureApprox 70°C – will show 50% full color strength at 70°C
Permanent Color Change ColorRed
ToleranceApprox +/- 1°C, Heavier coatings will appear to show color earlier than thinner ones
Response Time5 to 20 Seconds at temperature of 70°C, approx 1 minute for full color change
StorageStore at room temperature & humidity not in excess of 25°C / 77°F, or cool but avoid freezing.
Product Lifespan12 months unopened

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