Thermo Paint™ Series

Surface Temperature Monitoring Thermochromic Paint

Starting at $ 52.50


Thermo T-Max™

Self-Adhesive Max Temperature Gauge

Starting at $ 52.50



Self-Adhesive Actual Temperature Gauge

Starting at $ 52.50


Safe-Connect Sample Pack

A Full Range of Safe-Connect Products

Starting at $ 5


Safe-Connect Thermochromic Service Kit

Designed for On-The-Go Service Professional

Starting at $ 1417.00


ThermoSpot-B™ Series

Self-Adhesive Surface Temperature Monitoring Labels for Busbars and Electrical Equipment

Starting at $ 42

IRISS Product Series

CAP Series

The Toughest & Most Reliable IR Inspection Window

VP Series

First & Only Round Transparent Polymer IR Window

FlexIR Custom Solutions

Designed for Your Needs and Applications

SMART Training

The Safety and Maintenance Academy of Reliability Technologies®

Handheld Infrared Cameras

Handheld Infrared Cameras with Thermal Imaging Capabilities

Safe-Connect Thermochromic Solutions

Thermochromic Solutions for 24/7 Monitoring