Flex IR Custom Solutions


Our wireless temperature monitoring system provides 24-hour surveillance of your critical assets’ condition. Simple and quick to install, set customized alarm ranges between internal and ambient temperatures that alert staff when a possible issue may arise.

Delta T Solutions


Our infrared inspection windows and ultrasound ports allow technicians to inspect and analyze the condition of critical electrical assets in an energized state. The process is safer, more efficient/cost-effective than traditional open-panel inspections that put workers and equipment at risk.

E-Sentry Solutions


Critical asset management is a key component to reliability and operations. Securing inspection data and trending the health of assets allows engineers and technicians to assess condition of the overall system to increase MTBF and prevent unplanned downtime.

The IRISS Ecosystem for Safety & Reliability

The reliability of electrical power creation and distribution must be continually safeguarded and improved. This does not happen by chance or through reactionary-maintenance tasks, and it must be focused on from the early design stages and continue through the life of the assets tasked with these functions. Using the IRISS Ecosystem to adopt a “Monitor, Inspect, & Manage” program is the proactive way to maximizing the value and cost of both your workforce and assets.

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