Thermo T-Max™

Self-Adhesive Max Temperature Gauge

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The Thermo T-Max label is a color-changing visual indicator that measures peak temperatures after equipment operation within a range of 50°C to 100°C. The color-locking feature records the highest temperature reached during operation, displayed in 5-degree stages for precise readings. This user-friendly tool simplifies temperature management without the need for complex digital interfaces. It allows operators to focus on other aspects during equipment operation while capturing critical temperature data for later evaluation. The label’s wide temperature range and accuracy make it suitable for diverse industries where maintaining optimal temperatures is essential for safety and performance. Its post-operation assessment offers valuable insights into the equipment’s thermal behavior. With simplicity, clarity, and versatility, the Thermo T-Max label becomes a valuable addition to temperature monitoring solutions, aiding in equipment health maintenance and operational efficiency across various applications.

Quick & Easy to Install

Fast, easy, and inexpensive to install.

Memory Color Change

Gives a clear visual reading for maximum temperatures reached during equipment operation.

Elevated Temperature Indication

Allows you to monitor, review, and analyze temperature trends.


Physical Properties Thermo-TA
Adhesive Type Acrylic
Carrier Polyester
Covering Film Polyester
Response Time 2 to 5 seconds
Color Change Material Non-toxic, white crystalline solid on a red absorbent backing, adhered with acrylic adhesive
Activation Temperature 50˚C / 122˚F
Tolerance -/+ 1˚C
Recommended Storage Store at room temperature & humidity (i.e. 16 to 27˚C/60 to 80˚F & 40 to 60% RH)
Service Life 5 years (if installed as per datasheet guidance)
Dimensions 55.5mm x 21.3mm (2.2” x .84”)

Installation: Peel the Thermo T-MaxTM temperature-indicating label from the backing paper. Apply to a dust & grease free surface. If applying to a cable, preferably wrap the self-adhesive label around the cable and back on top of itself. For indoor use only.

Caution: These labels are designed to use on electrical equipment and as such electrical safety must be assessed by a competent electrician prior to their application.

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