Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Designing An Ecosystem of Safety & Reliability

Martin Robinson, IRISS Founder & CEO, presented at the Asset Maintenance & Reliability 4.0 conference in Saudi Arabia. His program, “Designing an Ecosystem of Safety & Reliability”, focuses on Operator-Driven Reliability (ODR) as an asset management program that involves operators in the maintenance of assets through the execution of inspection routes, aiming at monitoring some process parameters that may be used to evaluate components’ degradation. Machine operators become not just users of equipment, but also managing partners of their own station and program, and create an Ecosystem of Safety & Reliability.


ODR Key Points:

  • “Process rounds” in place which required operators to look at gauges and meters to optimize the process parameters
  • Operators who not only run our equipment, but OWN it
  • Operators must take the responsibility of keeping the process equipment running in their areas.


ODR communications plan must include:

  • Department roles and responsibilities
  • Timing of routes and follow-up paperwork
  • Feedback system, expectations, training, and how recognition will be handled in the area.


Best practices are the working standards or ethical guidelines that provide the best course(s) of action for each situation. They serve as a roadmap for a company on how to do business and provide the best way to deal with problems and issues that arise. Companies, regulators, or governing bodies can all set best practices for businesses, and when an ODR system is put in place, both workers and management have responsibility/control over the team’s operational success.

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