Intelligent Asset Management

Trend and analyze asset condition to increase reliability

E Sentry Intelligent Asset Management

Employing the E-Sentry intelligent asset  management system from IRISS allows you to record all historical data from inspections and upload to the cloud for plotting in trend graphs for future reference. Administrators are able to manage and predict when assets may require maintenance or to deploy temperature monitoring systems. Multiple data sets can be recorded to the same tag, facilitating multiple CBM inspections data collection with a single tag.

The data collected during inspection can be stored through asset management tags attached to the pre-installed inspection windows. From the asset location, information can be transmitted into a dashboard system accessible from workstations and mobile devices. Customizable routes can be established before, and condition reports generated after data analysis to further increase efficiency. These designed aspects allow managers to assess operations and decide how best to increase Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).  

Intelligent Asset Management Features

  • Designate and Manage Users
  • Build and Assign Inspection Routes
  • Review and Analyze Temperature Trends
  • Trigger and Record Alarm Conditions
  • Send & Receive Notifications
  • Generate Custom Reports

E Sentry Connect System

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Asset Management System

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