Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

One of the most common metrics for measuring efficiency in facilities that host data centers for financial, insurance and telecommunications facilities is a power usage effectiveness (PUE). Electrical distribution system losses account for 12% of the total energy consumed by the data center. In addition, unscheduled downtime in a data center is now estimated to cost over $8,000 per minute – not to mention the reputational damage to the data center company. One method for increasing reliability is to implement Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSDs) such as infrared windows, ultrasound ports, voltage detection ports and online monitoring to allow energized electrical maintenance tasks to be completed safely and efficiently.

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Enterprise Datacenters

Banks, credit card companies, airlines and large internet enterprises operate dedicated data centers that must operate seamlessly 7x24. These entities recognize that performing more frequent electrical infrastructure asset inspections using condition based techniques can drive significant improvements in uptime and reliability.

Colocation Datacenters

CoLo Data Centers often have contractual uptime obligations to their tenants. A single 15-minute unscheduled outage can result in significant penalties for the CoLo provider. Performing regular CBM inspections using EMSDs can reduce the risk of unplanned service interruptions.

Water and Waste Water

Water means life for humanity and ensuring the uninterrupted supply of water to the population requires highly reliable electrical distribution equipment that runs the pumps and filters that keep our water running. In addition, ensuring that untreated waste water is not accidentally released into the environment, often triggering government imposed fines, also requires a robust electrical system at the treatment plant. The use of EMSDs as part of a CBM program can ensure systems are always running.


The hub & spoke system of modern air traffic relies upon a robust electrical system to ensure air traffic control, gate power, security systems and ticketing systems all work seamlessly together. Any electrical service interruption can create cascading delays in the system and must be avoided at all costs. Inspection and maintenance of the electrical infrastructure is tantamount to ensuring overall system reliability.

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Talk Talk invests in Electrical Failure Prevention

The telecommunications company, the TalkTalk Group, has appreciated the value of thermal imaging for many years. The technology is used to detect electrical faults that could disrupt its network operation, although historically, thermal surveys were only conducted during maintenance shutowns.

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