Environmental Policy


IRISS is committed to preserving and protecting the natural environment by actively promoting and ensuring sound environmental, health and safety practices in accordance with ISO 14001:2015. These values originate from IRISS’ top management and are communicated to interested parties through postings throughout the facility and the official company website. Responsibility for this policy extends throughout all levels within the organization and by meeting the following objectives:


Meet or exceed applicable federal, state, local and company environmental, safety and health regulations. Further explored in the IRISS safety manual.

Provide a workplace that is free of recognized hazards and maintain healthy working conditions for all IRISS team members.

Continuous improvement by implemented measures to reduce waste, prevent pollution and conserve resources through the exercise of this policy, process improvements and due diligence.

Communicate to our customers, supply chain and general public our dedicated commitment to sound environmental, health and safety practices.

Establish environmental objectives and targets and regularly review progress. Specifically explore in the company’s environmental aspects policy.