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The VPDS Ultrasound Sensor is the most effective and safest way to preform ultrasound inspection on energized electrical assets from low to high voltage. Ultrasound electrical inspection has been relegated to scanning the seams and opening of electrical assets for years. Often times the inspector runs into antagonistic ultrasound from other source which limits the ability of the inspector to achieve the critical angle of the incident wave necessary to get the best sound wave for analysis. To improve the effectiveness and safety of the ultrasound inspector, IRISS designed the first Ultrasound Sensor that is mounted in the panel with a transducer on the inside facing the gear. With its 3.5 mm headphone jack, almost every make and model of ultrasound testing devices can plug in and listen to the gear safely form the outside. This allows the inspector to quickly identify the existence of potentially hazardous faults such as corona, treeing, tracking, delamination of windings, and loose connections.

Fast and Accurate Readings

With a 3.5 mm headphone the user can simply open the cover, plug in, listen and record the sound inside the cabinet without worrying antagonistic ultrasound from the surround area.

Safety Without PPE

The VPDS gives inspectors the ability to safely perform closed-panel energized inspections, removing the need to open the gear and dress in full, heavy PPE.

Save Time and Money

With the installation of these ports the inspector has the ability to use a single point to listen into the cabinet instead of tracing the seam and removing any diffraction of signal that may occur.


Environmentally Sealed Design

The VPDS Series of products are constructed from switchgear grade Nylon plastic with an aluminum cover and stainless-steel mounting screws. Seamless custom gaskets ensure the NEMA4 / IP65 ingress protection rating is maintained.

Proudly Made in the United States

IRISS manufactures and assembles all products at our global headquarters located in Bradenton, FL.

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

The IRISS Unconditional lifetime warranty is unique in the IR industry as it not only applies not only to the workmanship of the window housing but also applies to the durability and stability of the optic in the proposed environment. No other manufacturer can offer this because crystal optics will fail over time, and are only able to at best offer a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects

Embedded 40KHz Airborne Ultrasonic Port

Quickly and Safely perform closed panel airborne Ultrasound inspections of electrical equipment including Switchgear, Switchboards, Panelboards, Transformers, Motor Control Centers and Process Equipment Panels. Through the VPDS' embedded 40KHz Airborne Ultrasonic Ceramic Transducer with 3.5mm jack socket compatible with IRISS PD and TEV testing devices such as the Sonus XT & Sonus PD to detect early warning signs such as Arcing, Tracking, Corona and Partial Discharge.

Arc Containment Tested

The VPDS was successfully tested to the IEC 62271-200 standard for arc containment on metal enclosed switchgear assemblies. In addition, the VPDS has been used extensively by OEMs in UL Arc Resistant switchgear designs and have successfully passed every Arc Resistant type test to which they have been subjected.

Fast and Easy Installation

Following a few simple instructions, IRISS inspection windows can be quickly installed on switchgear and MCC panel covers, as well as transformers and other electrical equipment. Each window comes with an installation guide, as well as links to installation videos.


Model VPDS
General Specifications
NEMA Enviroment Type IP65 / NEMA 4
Voltage Range Any
Operating Temperature -40°C (-40°F) to 325°C (617°F)
Body and Cover Material UL 94 5VA Nylon (switchgear-grade plastic); -40°C (-40°F)to 273°C (523°F); aluminum cover
Hardware 316 Stainless Steel
Gaskets UL 94 5VA TPE; -40°C (-40°F) to 273°C (523°F)
Dimension Specifications
Overall Dimensions 6.5 cm (2.6 in) Ø
Overall Thickness 2.6 cm (1.0 in)
Inspection Capabilities and Applications
Ultrasound Yes
Medium/High Voltage Applications Yes
Outdoor Applications Yes
Warranty Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
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