ClearIR Viewing System Window

Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Screening Window

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Infrared has already been in use by medical professionals to screen patients for fever, but person-to-person testing requires a close proximity and the wearing of personal protective equipment. As we saw from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the supply of PPE can be expensive, and easily run dangerously low. Finding a safe and cost-effective solution that does not fall victim to scarcity is the only logical alternative. Physical screening barriers in offices, medical facilities, airports, sports venues, and any other location where humans interact is the first step to preserving a healthy environment. The problem with using physical barriers such as plastic or plexiglass is that infrared cannot see through these materials. While the barrier is necessary, there also needs to be a way to scan people safely and accurately.

Protection For Staff and Visitors

With a protective barrier between the people entering the building and the person tasked with monitoring temperatures, the sterile environment can be maintained without a threat to any staff or visitors. The design of the IRISS ClearIR viewing system will enable customers to simply install an infrared and visual viewing window within their current protective screens or order a standard or custom-built screen with an infrared window built into the plastic screen.

Patented Poly-View Optic Design

Our exclusive polymer technology is unaffected by environmental stresses, and enables visual, IR, and UV inspections across the entire Infrared spectrum. This original design is able to resist mechanical stresses and is tested and certified to meet mandatory impact/load requirements beyond the capabilities of crystal-based windows.

Fast and Easy Installation

Following a few simple instructions, IRISS inspection windows can be quickly installed on switchgear and MCC panel covers, as well as transformers and other electrical equipment. Each window comes with an installation guide, as well as links to installation videos.


Proudly Made in the United States

IRISS manufactures and assembles all products at our global headquarters located in Bradenton, FL.

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

The IRISS Unconditional lifetime warranty is unique in the IR industry as it not only applies not only to the workmanship of the window housing but also applies to the durability and stability of the optic in the proposed environment. No other manufacturer can offer this because crystal optics will fail over time, and are only able to at best offer a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects


Part Number ClearIR-4-AW
General Specifications
Overall Height 15.88 cm (6.25 in)
Overall Width 15.88 cm (6.25 in)
Operating Temperature -40°C (-40°F) to 273°C (523°F)
Body Material Powder Coated 5052 Aluminium
Hardware Material 316 Stainless Steel
Optic Specifications
Viewing Aperture Height 10.80 cm (4.25 in)
Viewing Aperture Width 10.80 cm (4.25 in)
Optic Material Poly-View™ UL 746 compliant, visual, UV and IR transmissive polymer; -40°C (-40°F) to 325°C (617°F)
Inspection Capabilities and Applications
Midwave IR and Longwave IR; Ultraviolet (UV); Visual Inspection
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