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The E Sentry Connect ™ is our next generation intuitive asset information tagging system. The E Sentry Connect system utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless Smart Card technology that allows smart phone devices with NFC to easily access critical data relating to the equipment being inspected. It also saves up-to-date inspection data directly to the assets E Sentry Connect tag via a free App from IRISS. The E Sentry Connect system has been designed to be operated on 2 platforms: a standalone system or a subscription-based cloud system allowing historical data back-up and complete access to the current status of all assets utilizing E Sentry Connect tags. The E Sentry Connect tags allow you to document and access information relating to IR inspection parameters on Electrical distribution assets. It is a standalone tag that writes and allows you to read the last inspection detail completed. E Sentry Solutions: https://www.iriss.com/esentryconnect Requires subscription to E Sentry Cloud: https://www.iriss.com/product/e-sentry-cloud-user-license/

Cloud Based Intelligent Asset Management System

Assign your employees custom routes while selecting from your entire asset database sorted by location, alarm state, etc., while allowing for communications between administrators and inspection staff in real time.

Record Inspection and Equipment Data

Contactless Smart Card technology allows smart phone devices to easily record and access critical data relating to the equipment being inspected, which can be added to customized reports and inspection notes.

Review and Analyze Temperature Trends

Historical Data from the inspections recorded are uploaded to the cloud and plotted in trend graphs for future reference, allowing administrators to manage inspection routes and create necessary maintenance schedules.


Designate and Manage Users

The system administrator sets up users and access rights ensuring that sensitive or critical data is protected and properly managed.

Trigger and Record Alarm Conditions

Alarms triggered by the E Sentry Connect App are immediately transmitted to the system administrators and designated users to ensure that resources are immediately assigned to bring the asset back online as quickly as possible.

Review & Analyze Temperature Trends

All Historical Data from the inspections recorded to the E Sentry Connect Tag are uploaded to the cloud and plotted in trend graphs for future reference. This data can be used by administrators to manage and even predict when assets may require maintenance or to deploy temperature monitoring systems.

Send and Receive Notifications

Easy communications between the system administrators and inspection staff allows for fast and automatic notifications of required inspections and completed tasks.

Generate Custom Reports

The system allows for all inspection data to be reviewed and downloaded as a CSV or XLS file for use in reports and setting inspection routes.

Build and Assign Inspection Routes

Assign your employees custom routes while selecting from your entire asset database sorted by location, alarm state and more.


Part Number ESIR
General Specifications
Overall Dimensions 85.5 x 54mm (3.37 x 2.13in) (CR80)
Thickness 1.32mm (0.05in) (with release liner)
Read Distance 0.5 to 1cm
Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz
Memory Capacity 8 kb
Inspection Details Field Capacity 4000 Characters
Units of Measure °F, °C, Mm/s, dB, ft-lb, Nm, RH, pC, mV, V
Voice to Text Compatible Yes
Operating Mode Passive
Data Retention 10 Years
Write Endurance 500,000 Cycles
Material PVC
Adhesive 3M 467MP (High-Performance Acrylic)
Release Liner Polycoated Kraft Paper
Metal Isolation Layer Ferrite
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature (installed) -40°C (-40°F) to 70°C (158°F)
Maximum Temperature 204°C (399°F) (exposed for a few hours)
Relative Humidity (installed) 90%
Phone and Web Application
Phone Application Compatibility Android
Phone Application Requirements Android 4.4 and up
Browser Compatibility Google Chrome and FireFox
Warranty 12 Month Limited Warranty
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