Online Condition Monitoring

Your 24-hour safeguard for condition monitoring of electrical assets

Online Condition Monitoring Systems

The Delta-T Alert™ system offers online condition monitoring of every critical electrical enclosure in a facility and complements existing electrical maintenance programs. The system also offers energy savings by allowing for the timely repair of loose connections that create increased resistance, thus resulting in higher energy costs due to losses. The cost of cleaning and replacing electrical components is low compared to energy savings realized through preventative maintenance.

With the use of a wireless temperature monitoring system, asset conditions can be continually collected, trended, and assessed. Monitors feed data through a gateway to software and apps, allowing the information to be continuously accessed from workstations and mobile devices. When the asset condition data exceeds the custom parameters, alarms can notify electrical technicians of a possible issue that may require inspection. Keeping human interaction with equipment to only instances where confirmation inspections of potential faults are deemed necessary minimizes workers’ risk and eliminates the human-error threat to asset functionality.  

Delta-T Alert System

Delta-T Alert Software

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