Delta-T Wireless Temperature Monitoring


The Delta T Alert System from IRISS provides you with a quality solution to monitor your assets health and manage their reliability. Sensors are wireless, self-contained temperature and humidity sensors that attach to your electrical enclosures. Our patented designs contain two sensors…one to monitor the interior temperature of the enclosure and the second to monitor the room’s ambient temperature.

These Sensors are configured to collect data at preset intervals and transmit to the Delta T Gateway, which in turn, transmits to the Delta T software for analysis and trending. Through this software, various temperature thresholds can be set in different locations to monitor the asset health and detect if there is an unacceptable increase. The maintenance team can then go to that specific asset and, through an inspection window, perform a visual, infrared, and ultrasound inspection to determine if a scheduled shut down for repair is necessary.

Not only does this increase the reliability of your critical electrical assets, but the efficiency and safety of your maintenance program as well.