How A Pulp & Paper Mill Can Increase Safety, Reliability, & ROI



Many mills have adopted infrared inspection programs to protect their asset reliability and operations, but a number have failed to fully-realize the increased safety and ROI that comes with adopting a program that incorporates full-scope use of other Reliability TechnologiesCompanies that invest in a world-class Safety & Reliability Program are likely to remain more productive, more efficient in their operations, and ahead of their competition.


Real World Case Studies
Case Study 1: A Paper Mill Grows RCM Program with Savings from IR Program
Case Study 2: Paper Mill Saves Budget Dollars with IR Window Program


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Increasing Reliability for Motor Control Centers

Increasing Reliability for Motor Control Centers




Motor control centers are prevalent in industrial power distribution systems and can pose major concerns for asset reliability. Market segments such as Pulp & Paper, Mining & Metals, Utilities, Chemical, Oil & Gas, and Heavy Manufacturing all rely on MCCs for their operations. Electrical fault conditions can lead to system failures, arcing, equipment fires and high energy short-circuits.


Taking advantage of Reliability Technologies that incorporate monitoring and inspection tools using infrared and ultrasound allow teams to protect and extend the operational life of critical assets, while performing safer and more efficient inspections.


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