What Are An Arc Flash & An Arc Blast?


An Arc Flash is an energy discharge of light and heat that forms when a fault occurs in an electrical circuit. The arcing results in a tremendous amount of energy being released as current flowing through ionized air. An Arc Blast, separate from an Arc Flash, is a supersonic shockwave produced when the uncontrolled arc vaporizes the metal conductors. Serious injury and fatality from when an arc flash/blast occur during open panel inspections. To mitigate the risk to workers, and the damage caused to assets, there are solutions you can implement for safer, more efficient, and cost-effective practices.



Anatomy of An Arc Flash


Insurance Company Chooses Infrared Windows for Arc Flash Mitigation


Reducing Arc Flash Risks with Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices

Condition-Based Monitoring for Electrical Transformers


The key to transformer reliability is adopting A condition-based monitoring strategy that collects and trends inspection data over time. This allows the maintenance team to assess and monitor the health of transformers. Fixing a problem before acute failure occurs saves a company time, money, and more importantly, eliminates power outages to the end user customer.


Real-World Case Studies


Chilean Power Plant