Benefits of Condition-Based Maintenance at a Bottling Facility


A thorough analysis of a bottling facility’s risks associated with a critical asset failure will show the benefits of adopting a Condition Based Maintenance Program to manage and mitigate failure. Asset Reliability, employee safety, and the bottom-line revenue against profit/loss statements are all improved through implementing a Condition Based Maintenance program.  This improves overall operations, represents an investment in Reliability, and protects against the costs associated with an unplanned failure and prolonged downtime.


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Wireless Temperature Monitoring for Critical Asset Management


Continuous monitoring of critical electrical assets enhances an existing condition-based maintenance program and alerts the maintenance team when temperature data is outside of pre-determined limits. Cost-efficient wireless temperature monitoring is the smart option since it does not require as much hardware or cabling that other systems require.  This decision represents the importance of investing in uptime versus paying the expense of downtime.


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