The Business Benefits of Maintenance Inspection Windows


Adopting Maintenance Inspection Windows increases the company’s asset reliability, minimizes their downtime by scheduling repairs when needed as opposed to when the asset fails. It also minimizes the risk of unplanned service interruptions to their end-user customers. Companies can benefit from decreased maintenance costs, safer working environments, compliance with safety standards and minimizing potential revenue losses.


Real-World Case Studies


A Powerful Case for Maintenance Inspection Windows


Paper Mill Saves Budget Dollars with Infrared Window Program


Offshore Drilling Company Reaps Big Savings with FlexIR Windows

What Specifications Must Be Considered When Choosing a Infrared Window?


With a  little forethought in writing a proper specification, Maintenance Inspection Windows create a safe environment for inspecting electrical assets. Using these Windows, a single inspector can easily and safely perform a route and quickly gather data and perform a trending analysis to determine each asset’s relative health. Properly specified Windows often provide access to otherwise inaccessible targets ensuring all of your critical assets are monitored appropriately. The goal of condition-based maintenance is to trend the health of the assets over time and determine when an asset is showing signs of deterioration, so it can be scheduled for repair long before the asset fails. Maintenance inspection windows will ultimately reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your electrical infrastructure assets.


Real-World Case Studies


National Accelerator Laboratory


Vandolah Power Generation Plant


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What is an Infrared Inspection Window?


Infrared Inspection Windows are an Electrical Maintenance Safety Device that allows a safer method of monitoring and inspecting critical electrical assets. These Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices should be adopted as part of a comprehensive Condition-Based Maintenance System. With the proper procedures in place that take advantage of this technology, companies are able to monitor the health of their assets and schedule necessary maintenance before an unplanned event occurs, causing costly downtime and possible injury of fatality.

Real-World Case Study:

A Geothermal Energy Generation Facility Embraces Infrared Polymer Window Inspections

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Asset Monitoring at Water Treatment & Hydro-Power Facilities


Water and waste water treatment plants cannot tolerate an internal electrical failure that impacts the safety and comfort of their personnel or their end-user customer base. Improved operational reliability and productivity can be achieved by implementing a condition based maintenance program using EMSDs to monitor, maintain and anticipate problems on their generators or on-site power distribution and power generation systems before an actual electrical component fails.


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