IRISS Expands Partial Discharge Product Line

IRISS announces the Sonus PD as an addition to the Partial Discharge Sensor products line offered by IRISS.

IRISS has added the Sonus PD to their Partial Discharge Sensor product line of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices & Solutions. This handheld switchgear partial discharge detector is specifically designed for Partial Discharge (PD) and Airborne Emission (AE) detection on medium and high voltage switchgear. The unit detects Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) signals generated by internal partial discharge as well as ultrasound acoustic discharge generated by surface tracking, arcing or corona.

Partial Discharge detection is an excellent technology for early problem detection as part of a Condition Based Monitoring program on electrical assets. Whereas Infrared lets you see what you cannot with the naked eye, Airborne Emission detection lets you hear what you cannot within the range of normal hearing. The two technologies are very complimentary and work very well in the electrical maintenance arena.

To perform Ultrasound scans on electrical equipment, it has been commonplace to utilize Ultrasound Ports like the IRISS VP-12-US. Alternately, an Ultrasound port can be built into an IR window like the CAP-ENV-PD series of products by IRISS. However, these are open grill devices and therefore it is recommended that the technician wears PPE appropriate to the Arc Flash Incident Energy level of the equipment being inspected.

The latest patent pending innovation to the IRISS EMSD family is our PDS product range. The PDS range incorporates an imbedded airborne emission sensor that is accessed through a 3.5 mm headphone jack plug removing the requirement for additional PPE as the panel always remains in an enclosed and guarded condition. An adapter cable between the PDS and the handheld ultrasound unit which is supplied as standard with IRISS’ SONUS-XT or SONUS-PD allows the user to measure ultrasound levels in electrical switchgear, transformers, etc. without any risk of arc flash or electrocution. (adaptors are also available for other makes of Airborne emission equipment). PDS units are available as stand-alone measurement points or embedded into any IRISS Inspection window system.

Best of all, the cost of a PDS style unit is the same as the older technology Ultrasound open grill ports.

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IRISS Expands to Accommodate Growth

In April IRISS, the global leader in manufacturing Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices and Solutions, embarked on an expansion project at the national headquarters in Bradenton, Florida.

Iriss expansion layoutWith the addition of more than 75% space to the manufacturing & warehousing footprint the IRISS Headquarters will have a new total area of 42,000 square feet under air.

The expansion will facilitate the new technologies that IRISS has implemented as part of the rapid prototyping product development strategy. The state of the art technologies that IRISS relies on to develop innovative Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices and Solutions include:

  •     Weldless Corner forming capability
  •     Platform table spot welding
  •     3D Scanning
  •     3D Printing & Modelling

In addition, there will be an expanded printing facility that will facilitate Custom OEM brand labelling. There will also be an electronic product development lab space that will provide space and support for ongoing experimentation and product development.

The expansion is expected to be complete in October 2017.

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Infrared Electrical Certification and Ultrasound Training News

IRISS, the global leader in Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices and Solutions has expanded the course offerings through their Safety and Maintenance Academy of Reliability Technologies, SMART.

IRISS, the global leader in Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices and Solutions has expanded the course offerings through their Safety and Maintenance Academy of Reliability Technologies, SMART. SMART offers the following unique training and certification courses to give you the practical experience and knowledge necessary to complete electrical inspections safely and efficiently. Designed by electricians, for electricians, these hands-on training courses are unlike any others available to date. They not only outline current industry standards and best practices, but also show you how to implement them. New to SMART is the Level I Ultrasound Course.

The 2017 Course Descriptions are as follows:
The Level I Ultrasound Course – This 3-day course is one of the most comprehensive Ultrasound training ever held in which participants will learn both the theory and practical ultrasound data collection techniques in multiple applications. Topics include: Theory of Ultrasound, identifying types of leakage in pressure and vacuum systems (steam traps, valves and heat exchangers), Mechanical inspection in bearings, motors and gears as well as cavitation in pumps etc., and How to conduct electrical inspection including arcing and tracking in switchgear, transformers other distribution equipment. In addition, detection of corona in medium and high voltage substation equipment.

Level I Infrared Electrical Certification Course- This 3-day course will give the participant an understanding of basic infrared camera setup using any camera brand and model, an understanding of the fundamentals of infrared, thermography, heat transfer, electrical applications and understanding software and reporting using any brand of camera.

Level II Infrared Electrical Certification Course- This 3 day course the participant will learn how to perform heat transfer calculations, learn to calculate transmissivity, understand infrared spectrum/Planck’s Law, Radiosity Problems, Emissivity, Reflectivity, and will gain an understanding of how to Quantify Measurements and the importance of Reporting and Documentation.

IRISS Certified Installer Training – This one day course allows students to learn how to use IR windows and ultrasound ports correctly. From installation to calculating emissivity/transmissivity, this course is designed to provide the hands-on experience to confidently install and use IRISS IR windows and ultrasound ports. As an IRISS Certified Installer, you will know the critical steps needed to efficiently perform surveys on electrical components while using IR windows.

Location: Bradenton, Florida USA
September 11-13 Level II Infrared Electrical Certification
Limited Time Special Pricing $749.00
September 11-14 – IRISS Certified Installer + Level II
Limited Time Special Pricing $999
October 2-4 – Level 1 Infrared Electrical Certification
Limited Time Special Pricing – $749.00
October 2-5 – IRISS Certified Installer + Level I
Limited Time Special Pricing $999

Location: Braintree, Essex UK
July 3-5 – Level II Infrared Electrical Certification – £999
September 11-13 – Level I Airborne Ultrasound Course – £999
November 27-29 – Level I Infrared Electrical Certification – £999

Training is also offered on-site at your location.

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IRISS Improves Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

The Delta T Alert, Wireless Temperature Monitoring System by IRISS has been updated with new and improved features.

The Delta T Alert, Wireless Temperature Monitoring System by IRISS has been updated with new and improved features. These features expand and refine the user experience, allowing for more refined control of the system, its functions, and provide them with the full reporting capabilities to properly watch over their critical assets. The improvements include:

  • New user interface and design.
  • Refined graphing features.
  • The ability to enable/disable the audible alarm.
  • Critical polling allowing users to define alarm thresholds that trigger minute by minute reporting.
  • Improved reporting features allowing the export of full or weekly reports.
  • Improved temperature setting controls.
  • Improved notification details with the inclusion of your company details.
  • Daily summary settings to receive system reports on a user defined interval.
  • Sensors are now available with Temperature + Humidity or Temperature only.

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IRISS, the global leader in Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices and Solutions continues to expand the innovative products that facilitate Condition Based Maintenance energized inspections on electrical distribution assets. For more information about the full line of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices and Solutions from IRISS visit us at:


IRISS Achieves ISO Certifications 15 Months Before International Deadline

As a long standing ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified organization, IRISS completed the transition to the 2015 revision in each system, 15 months before the international deadline mandate.

IRISS, the global leader in providing Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices and Solutions is pleased to announce the renewal of our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Management Systems certifications, to the latest 2015 standards.

ISO, International Organization for Standardization, is an independent, non-governmental international organization that provides world-class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. These standards are instrumental in facilitating international trade. The standard for the ISO 9001 Certification is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. The ISO 14001 helps an organization achieve the intended outcomes of its environmental management system, which provide value for the environment, the organization itself and interested parties.

According to Patrick Eneix, Manufacturing Manager with IRISS, “This achievement demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality products and services. It also exemplifies our dedication to preserving and protecting the natural environment by actively promoting and ensuring sound environmental, health and safety practices.”

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