IRISS Launches its Latest QwikFit-IR® Infrared Window Product Designs

Panelboard inspections can now be done safely and quickly with the QwikFit-IR® infrared window from IRISS. The innovative design of the QwikFit-IR window requires no cutting or preparation work as it simply “clicks” into place.
Thermogram of a paneboard cover
Thermogram of a paneboard cover.

Panelboard replacement breaker covers now offer unparalleled infrared and visual inspection access.

The IRISS QwikFit-IR range of products are a unique patented panelboard inspection system.     To complete an Infrared inspection of panelboards correctly, the inspector will usually have to remove the covers to allow direct measurement of the components and connections behind the covers. Even when wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), this is an extremely hazardous and time consuming operation and one that more and more companies are refusing to undertake.

Fig 1 shows an example of an infrared thermogram taken of a panelboard cover. There appears to be an issue with the breaker on the left side midway up the panel, but to confirm this the panelboard cover is required to be removed to allow direct access of the connections. Only then could a technician ascertain if a shutdown and repair was, in fact, needed. Again, this is a hazardous and time consuming operation and one that would require significant planning and expense.

The QwikFit-IR product line is a unique solution designed for all types of panelboard applications where small load side connections would not be visible for infrared and visual inspections even with the IRISS FlexIR custom deadfront panel replacement with built in IR viewing window. The QwikFit-IR is designed to replace the small frame breaker blanking plate and requires no cutting or preparation work as it simply “clicks” into place providing unparalleled inspection access exactly where needed.

Fig 2 in the attached file, shows an installed QwikFit system. IRISS QwikFit-IR systems can be custom built to meet the panel board requirements using the state-of-the-art rapid prototyping, 3D scanning, modeling & 3D printing techniques.

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IRISS Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacturing of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD) and known for their innovative patented Infrared Window and ultrasound/Partial Discharge inspection solutions that allow Condition Based inspections of energized electrical equipment while the panels remain in a closed and guarded condition.


IRISS Introduces the Latest Flex-IR® Infrared Window Product Lines

The launch of the IRISS Flex-IR® Infrared Window and ultrasound/partial discharge inspection product lines for unique applications ensures that the Infrared Window is exactly what is needed. The toughest and smartest IR Window Solutions in the world now offer unparalleled design flexibility and speed of installation.

The patented IRISS polymer systems allow IRISS to build infrared window and ultrasound/Partial Discharge inspection systems to meet the exact needs of the client. IRISS is now the only global infrared window manufacturer with custom built solutions. IRISS understands that not every application is suitable for a standard inspection window.

The FlexIR custom product lines can be manufactured in an infinite number of shapes and sizes, thus minimizing the number of inspection windows needed and the time required to install the units. The FlexIR panel replacement programs are the fastest inspection window system available in the world today. FlexIR solutions enable clients to precisely detail the size and type of inspection window required and the panel size and design of their electrical distribution equipment.

Once the IRISS design engineers have this information IRISS takes care of the rest. Installation is quick and simple. The client only needs to swap-out the old panel with the new FlexIR panel thus alleviating the need to cut the existing panel, prepare and treat the metal surfaces and install the new window. This process only takes minutes and provides a huge cost savings on man hours and the number of window required.

The IRISS FlexIR systems allow clients safe access to energized targets previously considered impossible. Direct temperature measurement is now available on those unique applications without the increased risk associated with removing covers or guards. The IRISS UL508 state-of-the-art manufacturing facility features a complete vertically integrated production system including metal fabrication, bending, welding, paint & label making. IRISS utilizes quick prototyping via 3D scanning, modeling & 3D printing techniques which enhances our ability to create custom solutions in record time. Clients that do not have access to panel drawings, etc. utilize the IRISS on-site 3D scanning technicians who scan and measure all the equipment requiring modification to provide 3D models for the clients approval before the manufacture of their final FlexIR units.

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IRISS is a leader in the design and manufacturing of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD) and known for their innovative patented Infrared Window and Ultrasound/Partial Discharge inspection solutions that allow Condition Based inspections of energized electrical equipment while the panels remain in a closed and guarded condition.


The Worlds Toughest IR Window Is Now The Smartest IR Window Share Article

The Asset Tagging System, E Sentry Connect, is now included with the CAP series of IR Windows. E Sentry Connect allows for valuable data related to the equipment to be recorded on the tag and available to the operators during the inspection process.
The CAP ENV IR Window is not only the toughest…now it is the smartest IR Window in the world!

IRISS is a leader in the design and manufacture of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD) and known for their innovative patented Infrared Window solutions that allow Condition Based inspections of energized electrical equipment while the panels remain in a closed and guarded condition.

The current IRISS VP and CAP series inspection windows are the toughest infrared windows available on the market and are the only impact resistant IR Window systems that have successfully passed the Arc Flash Containment requirements of IEC62271-200 (1KV -50KV metal enclosed switchgear) at 6KV, 31.7kA, for 1.1 seconds.

IRISS now includes with its CAP series of IR windows the next generation intuitive Asset Tagging System called E Sentry Connect ™. E Sentry Connect utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless Smart Card technology that allows smart phones or NFC enabled tablet devices to easily access critical data relating to the equipment being inspected. The user can also save up-to-date inspection data directly to the assets E Sentry Connect tag via a free Android Application. All of this data is backed up to the Cloud and is accessible to the system administrator via a secure web interface where the administrator can see historical inspection details, temperature plots and export data to other applications such as an ERP system. The administrator can also set inspection routes for maintenance personnel and see the status of assigned routes.

The addition of the E Sentry Connect Tagging system to the IRISS CAP Series of infrared windows gives the customer a unique product offering unprecedented strength, flexibility and state of the art asset management. Just another example of how the IRISS’ research and development team are inspiring and revolutionizing Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices and improving electrical safety around the globe.

For more information on this intuitive asset information tagging system and the IRISS QwikTAG’s click here: https://www.iriss.com/emsd-cast-products/e-sentry-connect-system


IRISS Creates First On-Site Partnership With Community Haven

Since IRISS has partnered with Haven Industries,for on-site employment, many other businesses have followed the lead. The partnerships improve the quality of life for employees with disabilities and also enhances the business work environment.
Charles Young is a proud employee in manufacturing for IRISS

IRISS is proud to be the first company in the Sarasota Manatee area to employ individuals on-site through the Community Haven Employment Services, at their world headquarters, 10306 Technology Terrace, Bradenton, Florida. Community Haven is a non-profit organization located in Sarasota Florida that empowers independence and inclusion in all aspects of society for children, teenagers, and adults with disabilities by meeting their needs for therapy, education, socialization, housing, fitness, vocational training, job placement, and recreation. Their vision is that all people with disabilities have good health, the fullest measure of success with school, a loving home, meaningful work, and unity with family, friends and the community.

Community Haven’s “Haven Industries” is a program that provides adults with disabilities a variety of paid work experiences to help them learn the skills needed to gain employment and become fully included in the mainstream community. This relationship is a win-win situation for the employer and the employee. According to Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS INC, “Our Community Haven employees have boosted the moral in our workplace and has provided IRISS with dedicated and reliable employees. We could not ask for anything better.” Community Haven’s Employment Services is the best kept secret in employment staffing. This program promotes diversity in the workplace by assisting a wide variety of qualified personnel in identifying and securing competitive employment within the community. Program participants come to an employer not only pre-screened, but also come with an Employment Specialist to assist in transitioning into the job culture, industry and business practices.

It has been a tremendous benefit for IRISS to have the Employment Specialist on-site. Employment Specialists (Job Coaches) are experts in identifying employment needs in various industries and matching those needs with the right candidate. The specialists work with program participants to identify skills and interests to complement the screening and hiring process. They work to fit the right person with the right job, keeping in mind that a successful placement represents a win for the employer…a win for the person….and a win for our community. The Employment Specialist not only assists with job matching and placement, but also assists the individual with training, development of workplace supports, provides follow-along services and career development.

This employment concept is not unique to the Sarasota Manatee area. There are employment programs like Haven Industries across the country. These programs provide employers with dependable and successful employees. IRISS is an example to companies across the country. The success IRISS has employing individuals with disabilities demonstrates how important it is for both the business community and for people with disabilities. This partnership enhances the overall human resource functions of a business and contributes to the individual’s quality of life.

According to Patrick Eneix, Manufacturing Manager for IRISS INC, “Our employees from Community Haven are an integral part of our manufacturing team and are a key component to our success. Their employment ensures that each product is packaged to exact industry standards. They perform these duties effectively and efficiently, often doing so in a cheerful and gratified manner. The truth is, our Manufacturing Team is very grateful to be working hand in hand with such a wonderful group of people.”

IRISS is the global leader in designing and manufacturing Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD’s) and the designers of the world’s first patented industrial- grade infrared window.


IRISS Launches E Sentry Connect™ for IR Windows Using NFC Technology

IRISS introduces new technology that will be an added benefit to the CAP IR Window Series. This new product launch of E Sentry Connect Smart Tagging systems for Infrared Windows provides operators with instant access to all critical data relating to the electrical equipment and IR inspection.
The E Sentry Connect™ Tag on a CAP ENV US Infrared Window

IRISS is proud to launch our next generation intuitive Asset Information Tagging System called E Sentry Connect ™. E Sentry Connect™ utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless Smart Card technology that allows smart phone and tablet devices with NFC to easily access critical data relating to the equipment being inspected and also save up-to-date inspection data directly to the asset’s E Sentry Connect™ tag via a free Android Application.

By using the NFC technology within the E Sentry Connect™ tagging system, any industry where Infrared Windows are utilized now have a quick, flexible and reliable way to electronically track and maintain inspection history. The E Sentry Connect™ technology is suitable for even the hazardous and hostile environments found on offshore platforms, refineries and petrochemical processing plants. The time taken to recertify, inspect or repair equipment manually with hard copy inspection records, paper work orders and certificates can be reduced significantly using this technology. Intelligent asset tagging also reduces the length of safety checks, saving downtime.

The E Sentry Connect™ Tagging system has been designed to be operated on 2 platforms. The first is a standalone site based system that allows users to see the last inspection information as well as useful setup information for the thermographer. The second, much more powerful platform, is a Cloud based system allowing full historical data back-up and complete access to the current status of all assets utilizing E Sentry Connect™ tags. After an initial 90 day free trial, an annual subscription is required for the Cloud based system wherein the system administrator can manipulate, via a secure web interface, historical inspection details, temperature plots of each asset as well as export data to other applications such as an ERP system. The administrator can also set inspection routes for maintenance personnel and see the status of assigned routes.

The E Sentry Connect™ cards are now included as standard on all IRISS Infrared Window CAP Series and can also be purchased separately and added to any other IR Window system.

IRISS is a leader in the design and manufacture of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD) and known for their innovative patented Infrared Window solutions that allow Condition Based inspections of energized electrical equipment while the panels remain in a closed and guarded condition.

The E Sentry Connect™ Tagging system is IRISS’s latest addition to their very impressive EMSD line up. Living up to their mission, by ensuring “Safety through Design” the IRISS’ research and development team are inspiring and revolutionizing Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices and improving electrical safety around the globe.


IRISS IR Windows Replace Failed Factory Installed Plastic Viewing Windows

A Power Generation Plant in Florida replaces impact resistant plastic viewing windows on Generator Breakers that suffered from degradation and were no longer transparent. The solution for their problem was found with IRISS CAP Flex IR Window Series.

gI_123379_Generator Breaker - IR windowsA Power Generation Plant in Florida struggled with inspecting their 18KV 8000 Amp Generator Breaker through the factory installed standard viewing windows. The windows had suffered from degradation due to UV exposure and were no longer visually transparent and therefore made it impossible to inspect the equipment. Steve Watson, Owner of Connect Power, an Electrical Service Contractor located in Brandon Florida, found the right solution for their problem. Steve invited his customer to tour the manufacturing plant of IRISS, a global leader in Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD’s) and designers of the world’s first patented industrial- grade IR window solutions.

Steve’s customer saw first-hand the state of the art equipment and manufacturing process that IRISS provides. It was clear that IRISS focuses on continuously improving infrared (IR) window technology, building reliable products, exceeding customer expectations, remaining a science-based R&D company, and protecting the IRISS polymer IR windows through the IRISS Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

The solution was found. The IRISS IR Window that replaced the failed factory installed windows on the 18KV 8000 Amp Generator Breaker was the CAP-CT Flex IR Series Window. The window was specifically designed to replace the original factory installed windows. These IRISS IR windows now provide the ability to do visual inspections, infrared inspections, and UV inspections if they are looking for corona. The IRISS CAP series of infrared windows are the largest standard sized IR windows available in the marketplace today. The series incorporates a rectangular design available in standard sizes of 4,6,12, and 24 inches and allows for more freedom to inspect multiple components through one infrared window. As in this application, in addition to the standard sizes, custom sizes are available. This Power Generation Plant that was looking for a solution for the replacement of their failed windows can now rest assure that the IRISS windows will last the lifetime of their equipment.


IRISS Unveils Improved Delta T – Wireless Temperature Monitoring

A simple device with staggering results, the Delta T Wireless Temperature Monitoring System provides constant monitoring of every electrical enclosure in a facility and enhances all existing electrical maintenance programs.
The IRISS Delta T Alert

Delta T Alert ™ is a wireless, self-contained temperature-monitoring sensor that attaches to an electrical enclosure cover. The patented, Delta T Alert™ unit is simple to install and comprises of two temperature sensors. One is to monitor the electrical enclosure’s interior temperatures and the second is to monitor the room’s ambient room temperature where the enclosure is located.

Delta T Alert™ sensors are then configured to collect data on a daily basis, at specific time intervals. The data is transmitted for analysis and trending and warns the operator of abnormal temperature rises within their electrical enclosures well before more serious problems occur. As a result, Delta T Alert™ provides an easier, more effective way to prevent costly electrical damage and system downtime.

The Delta T Alert ™ wireless systems constantly monitor every critical electrical enclosure in a facility and complements existing electrical maintenance programs. The system also offers energy savings by allowing for the timely repair of loose connections that create increased resistance, thus resulting in higher energy costs due to I2R losses. The cost of cleaning and replacing electrical components is low compared to energy savings realized through this form of preventative maintenance.

Delta T Alert ™ bridges the gap between your routine Condition Based Maintenance inspections by effectively tracking your electrical system enclosure temperatures monitoring and reporting critical temperature changes within your electrical enclosures on a daily basis. If a critical issue arises, immediate notification allows for an appropriate corrective action long before costly damage occurs. The system warnings that Delta T Alert ™ provides allow for maintenance technicians to be warned of potential issues causing the elevated internal ambient temperatures. This information and trend data gives maintenance personnel a significant an enormous safety advantage prior to any type of routine maintenance or troubleshooting of possible electrical anomalies within the electrical enclosures.

The Delta T Alert ™ system installation is easy. For permanent installations, simply drill a 9/16” hole in the enclosure and mount the unit tightening the clamp nut provided. If it’s only a temporary installation mount that is required, the Delta T Alert casing also has a permanent magnetic fixing for mounting on ferrous metal enclosures. Each Sensor pairing and configuration can be completed in less than 2 minutes. It’s that easy!

The Delta T Alert System is the latest addition to the IRISS range of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD’s) which are used in a multitude of industries such as, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Data Centers, Maritime and switchgear OEMs. Living up to their mission, IRISS continuously develops innovative concepts in the EMSD market. By ensuring “Safety through Design” the IRISS’ research and development team are inspiring and revolutionizing EMSD solutions and improving electrical safety around the globe.


Important Safety Standards for Every Infrared Window Application

Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS and developer of the IR Polymer Window explains the importance and necessity of IR Window certifications. The minimum requirements necessary for certifying a product to UL standards are usually sufficient to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the product; is that statement true or false? Well, in the case of an infrared (IR) window this is not necessarily true as specific application details must be factored in before its use can be deemed ‘safe’.

UL is a US based, Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and worldwide safety consulting and certification company that performs safety testing. UL is the only organization to have a defining standard for infrared windows called UL50V. These devices are basically data collection ports for infrared inspection by thermal imaging camera that are designed to allow electrical inspections to be conducted with the utmost safety when the system is under load. They ensure the electrical enclosure remains in a ‘safe and guarded condition’ so the risk of arc flash or electrocution injury is eliminated.

Consider the bigger picture

Not all infrared windows were created equal. Hence, anyone specifying an IR window needs to dig deeper than the UL 50V standard to be 100% confident in the suitability of the chosen window type. This base line standard simply verifies that the window provides a means for passage of infrared radiation but it also carries an important caveat.

UL50V specifically states ‘meeting the requirements for this standard do not assure the window is suitable for use in any application and that suitability for continued use requires additional evaluation as to the performance characteristics necessary for the installation.’

So, what other certifications should you look for when specifying an infrared window? The following provides more detail in defining the functionality and, more importantly, the safety aspects required before attempting to modify an electrical enclosure in any way.

These are environmental standards which apply to electrical enclosures that are intended to be installed and used in non-hazardous locations. These include enclosures for indoor locations only (NEMA types 1,2,5,12, 12K and 13) and enclosures for both indoor and outdoor locations (NEMA types 3 and 3R). NEMA ratings can be self-certified when the manufacturer has third party tests to support the assigned ratings. More common to Europe are Ingress Protection (IP) ratings that can be mapped to equivalent NEMA enclosure ratings with the fundamental difference that IP ratings must be tested and certified by a third party lab.

UL 508:
These requirements cover industrial control panels intended for general industrial use, operating at 1500V or less. This equipment is intended for installation in ordinary locations, in accordance with ANSI/NFPA 70, where ambient temperatures do not exceed 40°C maximum.

UL 746C:
UL 746C is a standard to test performance of polymeric (plastic) components and identifies the ability of a window to withstand impact or flame, an important consideration in the industrial environment.

UL 1558:
UL 1558 is relevant to viewing panes and IR windows fitted into metal-enclosed, low voltage (< 600V) power circuit breaker switchgear assemblies. The standard requires the impact resistance of an assembly to be tested with the window closed; an essential criteria is that is that a 12.7mm diameter rod should not be able to pass through the window or cover.

IEEE C.37.20.2 section a.3.6:
This standard and test procedure for viewing panes mounted in electrical equipment with ratings above 1kV requires viewing panes to withstand both impact and load tests. Unlike UL this does not give any dispensation for material composition of the IR viewing window or whether or not covers are fitted.

The test is simple. It requires that both sides of the IR viewing window be subjected to impact and load and that neither side can crack, shatter or dislodge. For crystal optic based IR windows, this is a requirement that is impossible to meet.

IEC 62271-200:
This provides a controlled arc flash test for 52kV and below metal-enclosed switch gear. The test is performed at 6kV using a current of 31.5 KA for a duration of 0.5 seconds. The procedure determines the amount of pressure and heat installed components on switchgear can survive and still maintain integrity.

It should be noted that an “arc tested” or “arc resistant” rating can only be given to a completed assembly and not a single component within that assembly. Electrical cabinet designs and dimensions are infinite and we cannot and must not use data from one cabinet design to another design unless they are identical in every way.

This is the reason why components, such as IR windows can never carry a generic arc rating and must be subject to standard industry tests to confirm they meet the mechanical strengths and environment properties for each electrical cabinet or assembly to which they are being fitted.

For information on IR windows that are certified to all standards and have undergone more testing than any other brand visit www.iriss.com or fill out the form below to learn more.