IRISS Is Awarded The ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

IRISS is awarded the ISO 14001 Environment Management System certification. This means IRISS meets an internationally recognized environmental management standard which was first published in 1996.

gI_123267_iso 14001IRISS is proud to announce that as part of its annual ISO9001 review, the company has also been awarded ISO14001 accreditation for environmental management. This environmental standard is a systematic framework to manage the immediate and long term environmental impacts of an organization’s products, services and processes.

The internationally acknowledged ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification recognizes companies that have adopted environmental responsible practices in their business processes. In line with its sustainability strategy, IRISS strives to minimize its environmental footprint.

IRISS does this by increasing its energy efficiency and continuously improves and implements measures taken to protect the environment and people when serving customers and providing agreed technical services.

IRISS is the global leader in Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD’s) and designers of the world’s first patented industrial- grade IR window solutions. The attached video demonstrates our dedication to safety and efficiency in manufacturing through our state of the art equipment.

Martin Robinson the CEO of IRISS, commented, “Achieving ISO14001 is a major milestone and reflects the responsibility that our management has always taken to ensure that we look after our employees, our customers and our business at all times. This code of conduct captures IRISS’s core values of safety, excellence, respect and commitment which are embedded within every aspect of our business.”

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IRISS Launches New IR Window With Ultrasound Port Option

The recently launched CAP-ENV-US infrared window allows for visual, infrared and ultraviolet inspection. This infrared window includes the option of a built in ultrasound inspection port.

IRISS is a leader in the design and manufacturing of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD). IRISS is also known for their innovative state-of-the-art Infrared, patented (IR) Window solutions that allow thermal imaging inspections of energized electrical equipment while the panels remain in an enclosed and guarded condition.

IRISS has recently launched the CAP-ENV-US range of infrared inspection windows. This inspection window allows for a visual, infrared and ultraviolet inspection to be completed and now also includes a built in ultrasound / Partial Discharge inspection port. The New CAP-ENV-US range of inspection windows are based on the CAP-ENV systems that successfully passed the Arc Flash Containment requirements of IEC62271-200 (1KV -50KV metal enclosed switchgear) at 6KV, 31.7kA, for 1.1 seconds, (The actual peak current the VP and CAP-ENV systems were exposed to during the test exceeded 80kA). All IRISS products have successfully passed this extreme test.

The new CAP-ENV-US Series are being installed in areas that experience high environmental distress, such as dockyards, transformer applications and in harsh maritime conditions as well as desert environments. Unlike Crystal Based IR windows the CAP-ENV-US Systems utilize the IRISS patented VP Lens systems which are the only visual, ultraviolet and IR windows that are Impact resistant, maintain a fixed and stable IR transmission and offer the largest FOV (field of view) of any IR window available today. The IRISS CAP-ENV-US Series are by far the strongest most durable IR Window systems available on the market today.

IRISS Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices are used in a multitude of industries such as, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Data Centers, Maritime and switchgear OEMs. IRISS is continuously improving infrared window systems and developing innovative concepts in the electrical maintenance safety device market. The latest CAP-ENV-US inspection window designs are just a few products in their very impressive EMSD line up. Living up to their mission, by ensuring “Safety through Design” the IRISS’ research and development team are inspiring and revolutionizing Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices and improving electrical safety around the globe. For more information on the CAP-ENV-US click here:

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TalkTalk Invests In Electrical Failure Prevention…IR Windows

The CAP-CT offers locking covers for your IR window. These are useful in areas of high traffic and protect the IR viewing panes from impacts, flying debris and dust.

The telecommunications company, the TalkTalk Group, has appreciated the value of thermal imaging for many years. The technology is used to detect electrical faults that could disrupt its network operation, although historically, thermal surveys were only conducted during maintenance shutdowns. As a result, five years ago, IRISS industrial grade VPFR (viewing pane fixed reinforced) polymer infrared windows were fitted to the intake cabinets in the majority of the company’s data centers. This made it possible for much more valuable measurement data to be acquired as thermal imaging could be conducted on live systems. It also meant that this vital preventative maintenance work could be undertaken without compromising the safety of the electricians and thermographers. Elevated levels of PPE required for invasive surveys were no longer necessary, which in turn reduced survey time and associated costs.

The introduction of IRISS infrared windows has proved so valuable that this year a second wave of investment was authorized. Accordingly, IRISS re-surveyed all of the company’s data centers and its recommendation was to fit custom, rectangular CAP-CT 24 windows in the main electrical cabinets and smaller CAP-CT 12 windows to the busbars at the base.

The IRISS CAP Series infrared windows are latest generation products that provide many technical and performance advantages. In common with all IRISS windows, the CAP Series is made from a durable and fully impact resistant, grill-reinforced polymer that provides fixed and stable infrared transmission. Importantly, the window maintains an IP65 seal on the enclosure so inspection becomes a non-invasive task, eliminating the risk of arc flash.

The special polymer that IRISS uses in its infrared windows is also clear which means it provides TalkTalk engineers with the largest viewing area available. This allows assets to be monitored completely undisturbed in the visual, ultraviolet and all infrared spectrums.

Having decided on the product that met all criteria for performance, durability and safety the next hurdle was to establish the protocol for the installation of windows. Not only did the work need to be undertaken with the system fully operational, it also had to be completed during off-peak hours, between midnight and 6:00 AM. For IRISS however, this simply meant repeating the measures it adopted for another client, Stansted Airport.

Proven protocol
At Stansted, there were identical restrictions and a conversation between the Airport’s Engineering Compliance Manager and TalkTalk’s Regional Data Centre Engineer, Gary Lyons, gave the telecommunications company every confidence in IRISS’s capabilities. As with Stansted, IRISS used a fire-retardant covering board rated for 1000V to fold across exposed panel when the cover was removed. This allowed IRISS engineers to install the infrared windows at speed and in safety. A vertical installation format was also agreed to minimize panel cutting time.

This formula has been successfully applied at the first of the TalkTalk data centers and will be repeated at a second site in the coming weeks. Ultimately, it is the company’s intention to fit IRISS Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSDs) in all of its data centers, either by retrofitting them to existing switchgear or specifying them as part of any new build.

“These excellent IRISS Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices will now help to prevent any future failures as regular thermographic images can be taken and recorded,” confirmed TalkTalk’s Gary Lyons. “Their installation was carried out in a very professional and efficient way with no disruption to the electrical infrastructure within the data centers.”

Ongoing investment in preventative maintenance is considered vital as TalkTalk cements its position as one of the UK’s largest broadband and voice communications companies. Indeed it is central to the company’s commitment to building a Next Generation Network on which it will expand coverage and develop innovative new products and services for its customers.

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IRISS Now Manufactures The Only IR Window With The Most Certifications For Marine Application

IRISS is the global leader in Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD’s) and designers of the world’s first patented industrial- grade IR Window. The DNV certification the IRISS IR Window holds assures reliability and safety in the harsh marine environment and this is critical.
IRISS has the most certified Marine Application IR Window in the world.

IRISS is the global leader in Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSD’s) and designers of the world’s first patented industrial- grade IR Window. The DNV certification the IRISS IR Window holds assures reliability and safety in the harsh marine environment and this is critical.

The following is a perfect example of why the IRISS IR Window certifications are important. Manufactured in 2013, the Maersk Intrepid is a drilling rig that has been designed to operate in the extremely harsh environment of the North Sea. Up to 150 people stay on the rig at any one time so, safety and fire prevention are paramount and to minimise the risk Maersk operates a rigorous preventative maintenance programme for all electrical equipment on board, in line with NFPA 70E and SOLAS regulations. Thermal imaging is an essential element of this regime and Maersk has recently taken further steps to underpin the safe use of this method. It has chosen to install IRISS IR windows, the only products of their type to carry Lloyds, ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and DNV accreditation. Removing panels to gain access to switchgear for thermal inspection is a very risky business. The danger of arc flash – a short circuit through the air that creates a fireball explosion – is huge. Simply dropping hand tools or a cover panel, making accidental contact with energised parts or changing the state of equipment are common triggers and the results can be fatal. These hazards are bad enough on land but at sea, they are even more acute.

Safe, Live Inspection

The use of an IRISS IR window effectively allows the switchgear to remain in an enclosed and guarded condition, so the IR scan becomes a non-invasive task. Infrared passes through the window’s transmissive polymer lens without compromising the IP65/NEMA 4X seal on the enclosure panel.

This not only keeps personnel safe but it also allows the system to be thermally inspected under normal load conditions. As a result both quantitative and qualitative data can be acquired on the status of the electrical system. Furthermore, applications previously considered to be too hazardous for thermal imaging, can be brought into the regular inspection schedule.

Maersk chose IRISS windows because they are the most tested windows on the market and comply with all safety standards required by the offshore industry. The products were recommended and supplied by TCAM AS of Norway, a local partner of IRISS that specializes in preventative maintenance solutions. The lion’s share of the thirty IRISS windows ordered by Maersk were custom rectangular CAP-CT 24 and CAP-CT 12 made from a transparent polymer with grill reinforcement. They allow assets to be monitored in the visual, ultraviolet and all infrared spectrums.

The IRISS polymer window provides many advantages over a crystal alternative. Firstly it is designed for harsh engineering use. Unlike crystal, it withstands vibration and won’t shatter. Nor will it lose its transmission qualities in the presence of UV or salt water so for maritime and offshore use IRISS is a clear front-runner.

Another advantage is that an IRISS window can be virtually any size and shape. The optimum size of a crystal window is just 4” in diameter and can only be round, the shape in which it is grown in the laboratory. IRISS CAP-CT Series windows are available in a wide variety of standard sizes from 10cm to 60cm in width but can also be supplied in custom sizes and to fit curved surfaces. Indeed Maersk took advantage of this design freedom by including a bespoke window in its order.

“We supplied the IRISS windows for Maersk Intrepid in September 2015 and they are now allowing rig engineers to undertake fast thermal inspection of critical components,” confirms Tormod Selbekk of TCAM AS. “Electrical inspection in heavy seas is extremely hazardous and this is why the IRISS products are particularly helpful in the maritime and offshore industries. They ensure the compliance with industry standards, reliability of assets and most importantly personnel safety.”

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